According to a report by SmartAsset, Washington, D.C. is the best city for women in tech. Surrounding cities including Baltimore and Arlington, V.A. also earned places on the list, taking the second and fifth spots.

SmartAsset looked at data for cities that have at least 200,000 residents, the percentage of women tech workers in those cities,  the average gender pay gaps,  and the averages in income after housing to determine which cities were the best.

Philadelphia and Houston were named the third and fourth best places for female tech workers.

Photo: SmartAsset

Washington, D.C. holds the top spot because of the number of women who work in the city’s tech scene and their relatively small gender pay gap. According to the report, women make up nearly 39 percent of the tech workforce in D.C. and are paid 95 percent of what men are.

Washington, D.C. and its surrounding cities have had steady growth in the tech industry. Amazon’s move to Crystal City in Arlington is expected to create more growth, but it is unknown how the company’s presence will impact the city’s gender pay gap. Women in Arlington get 87 percent of men’s pay although they are nearly one-third of the tech workforce in the city.

Other cities that made SmartAsset’s Top 15 are Durham, N.C., Detroit, Indianapolis, and Denver.