SnapChat may be ready to reveal in-app games in April, according to reporting from Cheddar.

The company has been rolling out huge updates including original shows produced by big TV names, augmented reality filters and building out its Discover page. Third-party games have used the platform, but SnapChat’s expected move could prove lucrative for advertisers.

SnapChat’s gaming platform is set to have an augmented reality element to it, which emphasizes its November move to connect AR creators with brands.

SnapChat has been making incremental steps into the gaming industry. Since the start of 2018, Snap Inc. bought PlayCanvas and invested in Fruit Ninja’s developer Prettygreat.

Bigger tech companies like Google are also taking a stab in the gaming industry. Google’s console Yeti is currently in beta and is set to use cloud features to provide games to users.

SnapChat’s gaming features may be another way to boost ad revenue streams. The company has already boosted its revenue using money from ads posted between Stories and on its Discover page. In its latest earnings report, SnapChat Inc. said revenues jumped 36 percent in the last year.