As Generation Z — the group born between 1997-2017 — comes of age, learning more about them is crucial for advertisers and platforms alike. Now, an annual study by Piper Jaffray examining the brand preferences of teens may be able to help.

Piper Jaffray surveyed 8,000 teenagers from across the country and found they preferred companies advertised to them through Instagram and Snapchat. Seventy percent of respondents chose Instagram over other platforms for brand engagement.

Inversely, 41 percent of teens chose Snapchat as their favorite social media platform, and Instagram as their second favorite at 35 percent. Facebook and Twitter clocked in at 6 percent each as teens’ favorite platforms.

It seems Instagram is well aware of its potential. The app recently ramped up its consumer features allowing users to purchase products directly in the app. Last year, Instagram began offering direct links on posts, helping merchants push products through Instagram.

Snapchat’s main user base is now teenagers, and the company has expanded to offer original shows that incorporate augmented reality. The platform is also rumored to be releasing its own in-app gaming platform.

Winning the hearts of Gen Z will be Snapchat and Instagram’s best bet in the long-run. As teenagers become leading consumers, these platforms may be setting themselves up for years of success.