The sky is merely the limit for Rap Snacks as the business continues to expand.

According to a press release shared with AFROTECH, the pioneer in the consumer packaged goods (CBG) and entertainment industry has revealed that it will tap into the transportation sector through Rap Snacks Trucking.

A Whole New World

“We are excited to embark on this new journey into the trucking industry,” said Rap Snacks CEO James Lindsay. “We believe this new route reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation, empowerment, and community support.”

He continued, “We intend to leverage our reputation, relationships, and experience to aid in contract procurement, benefiting small businesses.”

The overall goal of the company is to tap into the trucking industry to help provide sustainable revenue streams for small businesses interested in partnering with Rap Snacks to ship and dispatch loads.

Per the news release, the business move will help to invest in trailers, trucking equipment as well as the expansion of semi and box truck fleets over time.

More Than Just Snacks

“Rap Snacks Trucking is dedicated to supporting independent truckers and carriers, providing opportunities for growth and success in the industry,” said the company, per the release.

It’s not the first time the food company has ventured beyond just their famous snacks named after some of the hottest names in Hip-Hop, like Lil Baby, Nicki Minaj, Migos, and more.

Previously, Rap Snacks partnered with InterApp Inc. to bring augmented reality (AR) to snack culture.

The innovative move was to empower and entertain fans of the genre and aspiring artists with AR experiences, ranging from packaging to labels, apparel, art, custom prints, and more.

As for its latest venture, the company is looking to partner with drivers, owners, operators, and dispatchers.

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