If this isn’t a sign to take serious precautions before falling victim to social media scams, we don’t know what else will serve as a reminder!

According to Fortune, a popular Thai YouTuber used her influence to cheat thousands of people out of roughly $55 million through a foreign exchange trading scam.

Nathhamon Khongchak, who is known as Nutty to her followers, managed to draw in more than 847,000 subscribers on the video-sharing platform where she gained notoriety for sharing clips of her dancing.

Luring in the People

After using her moves to draw people in, she hit their pockets by advertising private courses for forex traders through her Instagram profile. She promised followers that they would see a return on their investment, but this was never the case.

Dozens of her alleged victims worked with Thai police to file complaints against the social media star who managed to encourage more than 6,000 people to give her money to invest. Per reports, those followers were promised returns on their investment that went as high as 35 percent. While the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau formed by a Thailand police unit has heard from 102 people following the scam, they reveal that new victims are coming forward on a day-to-day basis.

On the Run

In her last post to IG, Nutty revealed that she owned 1 billion baht, which is equal to $27.5 million American dollars, to investors. She also claims that her trading account and funds have been blocked by a broker since March and that she would try to repay the money. Since then, an arrest warrant has been issued for fraud against the YouTuber.

At this time, many followers suspect that Nutty has fled the country. However, according to immigration records, it appears as though she has yet to leave Thailand.