This company is committed to real-life social networking!

Co-founders Ernest L. Dancy, the company’s CEO, and Ubong Ekpe, who serves as Chief Technology Officer, wanted to provide users with an app that takes the world back to connecting in a more authentic way. From there, the PLUG.ME.IN app was born.

PLUG.ME.IN is a social networking app that is committed to a more personal, exclusive, and authentic alternative to the current social networking status quo. Instead, the platform focuses on a true connection between people whether meeting for the first time or for those who hang out on the regular.

Connecting More Intimately

As an app with a focus on making social networking a bit more social, the app is a catalyst for exclusivity. 

“Ubong and I are set on providing people with an app that takes us back to truly connecting with people we actually meet physically, people we really hang out with, and in its most basic form… the people we really know,” Dancy explained during an exclusive interview with AfroTech.

The PLUG feature allows users to give exclusive access to their social network based on their personal relationship with the person. This includes video chatting, voice messaging, private outlet text messaging, and more. 

Users can also share music, photos, and videos using the feature.

“Essentially the PLUG will eliminate the need to exchange phone numbers,” he continued. “With people opting to give out their Plug ID, instead, full control over one’s communication pipeline will return to the people themselves. Society deserves the right to choose.”

A Global Perspective

For Dancy and Ekpe, a global reach for the application is vital.

“We envision PLUG.ME.IN flourishing in Africa, with a concentration at first, on Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya, three African countries that are on the rise as it pertains to their mobile internet and broadband capabilities,” Dancy explained. “This is significant because most tech startups focus on trying to break into the Chinese and Indian markets.”

He and Ekpe see Africa as one of the most important markets for the PLUG.ME.IN app and are committed to the opportunities that lie within the Motherland. 

“We are Black founders, there is tremendous opportunity there, and those are the people from which we are from,” he concluded. “The MVP (Minimally Viable Product) version of the app is available for iPhones in the App Store, with the Android version in development, as most mobile phones in Africa and other up-and-coming territories run on the Android operating system.”

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