Pierre Laguerre, founder of Fleeting, a platform designed to connect companies with qualified and reliable CDL drivers, has made history as the first Black man to raise the $1.07 million maximum in all regulation crowdfunding platforms.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a company is permitted to raise a maximum amount of $1,070,000 through crowdfunding offerings during a period of 12 months and Laguerre’s Fleet managed to do just that.

Republic, an online crowdfunding platform announced the news of Fleet’s historic accomplishment via Twitter.

Fleeting shares were open to investors via Republic, where it amassed funds from nearly 5,000  investors, some of which took to their Twitter to share their excitement about investing.

Currently, Fleeting holds a $10 million valuation cap and is backed by celebrities such as Chamillionaire and E-40, according to Republic.

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