This Philadelphia restaurant has new owners, but the vibe will remain the same.

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, married couple Cheri and Tracey Syphax acquired Booker’s Restaurant & Bar for $3.3 million back in March.

Founded in 2017 by fellow entrepreneur Saba Tedla, the establishment is in good hands, with the new owners working to take it to greater heights.

Throughout the buying process, Tedla made it clear that she wanted the restaurant to go to someone who would be able to continue to uphold the impact that it has on the community.

A Place For The Community

“What we won’t do is change the mood, the vibe, and the ambiance of the restaurant, because we think that that’s what makes it where people want to sit there for two hours. It feels like home,” Cheri said, per the outlet.

What’s more, the Syphaxes have no plans to switch up the daily operations that are already in place at Booker’s. Instead, the edifice will remain in the same location, it will keep its current name, and all employees will have the opportunity to keep their spot on staff.

Adding The Syphax Twist

The couple will, however, add their own flavor to the restaurant by highlighting its location as well as seeking feedback from customers on ways to enhance and update the menu. Additionally, Cheri revealed that there is a desire to focus on Booker’s bar program so that staff will be able to properly and effectively pair wine and other drinks with the dishes the restaurant provides.

What's Ahead

With this move being their first dip into the hospitality industry, the Syphaxes will use their entrepreneurial backgrounds to build on the legacy of Booker’s by focusing on its closeness to nearby medical facilities and educational institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The goal is to make the restaurant a hub for people to take their clients, friends, family, and beyond.