MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” premiered in 2005 and, for years, had audience members captivated by the lavish celebrations designed to honor the celebrity children’s milestone birthday. 

Although the show has since ended, the extravagant parties for children have not ceased, and they are not limited to that critical teenage year. Parents of privilege host large-scale parties for their children at almost any age, and former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks is in that number.

Park’s eldest son, Ayden, celebrated his 13th birthday, and Parks went all out.

According to The Messenger, Parks revealed that her son had his eyes set on a dirt bike for his birthday. However, after giving it some thought, the mother of two decided on something that would offer additional financial security for his future.

“He wanted a dirt bike, [but I thought], ‘Let me get you something that you won’t kill yourself [on]. Let me get you something that’s going to be useful,” Parks said to the outlet.

While the gift may seem like a tall order for someone just entering their teenage years, Parks assured that Ayden would have her support.

“I’ll probably have to worry about this rental property, but I won’t worry about it as much! We are going to do a project together where we will rehab that property, so I’m super excited about that,” Parks also explained to The Messenger.

For Ayden, the fiscally responsible gift was centered around a grand affair with 120 guests. With elements from a carnival, Parks described the party as similar to a “little royal coronation.”

With planning help from celebrity party panner Tori Williams, Ayden and his guests enjoyed live animals, carnival games, a 360-booth, DJ, and mocktails for Ayden and his friends.

It was also reported that Parks dished out $70,000 for the adolescent’s party, noting this was one of the first large-scale events she’s hosted since COVID-19.

“During COVID, you really couldn’t have parties like that because it wasn’t safe,” Parks told The Messenger. “So now that the world’s opened back up, I just wanted him to have a huge blowout party.”

While Ayden received a generous gift from Parks, he also showed his appreciation to his mom by giving her an emerald necklace from Congés Jewelry.

“He’s just like, ‘Mom, you’ve been so good to me, and you just take care of me.’ It was just the sweetest speech, but he’s so articulate,” Parks expressed to The Messenger. “So it was a super touching moment.”

Parks isn’t the only celebrity parent dishing out gifts that could set up their children’s financial future.

A previous report from AfroTech noted that Rick Ross gifted his son a Wing Stop franchise for his 16th birthday.

“Everyone wish my son @mmgbigbank [a] Happy 16th birthday!” the rapper wrote on Instagram at the time. “Today he became the owner of his 1st @wingstop franchise. You’re now officially a BOSS!!! Keep going.”