Peleton, the in-home exercising equipment that hosts virtual classes for users, is now in big legal trouble. National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) members are suing the company for using artists’ music without permission.

If Peloton loses the case, the company could be out of $150 million.

“It is frankly unimaginable that a company of this size and sophistication would think it could exploit music in this way without the proper licenses for this long, and we look forward to getting music creators what they deserve,” NMPA President & CEO David Israelite said in a press release.

Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Bruno Mars, Drake and dozens of more artists are named in the lawsuit, alleging copyright infringement.

“While the fitness technology company has licensed with some of the music publishing industry, it has failed to do so with a significant number of publishers, leaving a great deal of income lost to songwriters,” Israelite said.

Peloton gained popularity as it used video workouts that utilize popular music on its treadmills and cycling equipment. Peloton also offers a mobile app that guides subscribers’ workouts on-the-go. The company currently has a cycle and tread studios in New York, one of the top exercising locations in the nation.

A spokesperson for Peloton tells Afrotech that the company is currently evaluating the lawsuit.

“Peloton has great respect for songwriters and artists. In fact, we have partnered with each of the major music publishers, record labels and performing rights organizations, and many leading independents,” the spokesperson said to AfroTech. “We have also invested heavily to build a best-in-breed reporting and licensing system to support our partners and provide our members with a world-class fitness experience.”