Pampers has teamed up with LL COOL J’s Rock The Bells and Black Mamas Matter Alliance to ensure Black mothers receive the care they rightfully deserve.

According to a press release Pampers is sponsoring Black Mamas Matter Alliance’s Black Maternal Health Week. The toddler brand will team up with Rock The Bells to launch a limited-time Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection. All proceeds will be donated to Black Mamas Matter Alliance to support their work centered on scholarships for Black women, maternity care, and advocacy.

“At Pampers, we believe every parent is entitled to experience the full joy of pregnancy and parenthood. That’s why we are committed to helping change the systemic issues that prevent Black moms from receiving the equitable care they and their families deserve. We’re proud to sponsor Black Maternal Health Week and provide a way for people to help drive change through our NFT offering,” said Melissa Aceves, Senior Brand Director of Pampers Equity & Inclusion at Procter & Gamble according to a press release.

Meet The Artist Behind The NFT Collection

The exclusive NFT collection will be auctioned Thursday, April 14 on Curio and collectors will experience a unique motion-designed piece crafted by digital artist Kei Adams. The opportunity to work alongside Pampers and Rock The Bells was an immediate green light for Adams as her work represents the beauty, joy, and resilience of Black women. The NFT is an interpretation of what Adams believes Black women deserve to experience during their pregnancy.

“As a Black woman and as an artist, is important to me to use the tools and platform that I have the privilege of having to amplify issues that only our community faces. We all know the importance of the roles mothers play in our lives. this is something everyone can get behind. Black maternal health deserves visibility because when you are seen you are heard,” Adams wrote in an e-mail interview to AfroTech.

“I hope through this art we can draw attention to the perspective of so many of the Black Women among us who have and who will take on the role of motherhood. Art is so special in that way, it enters into spaces we often are left out of, and gives us a chance not to be spoken for, but for our very own voices to be heard. Creating artwork portraying a Black woman experiencing joy and happiness in pregnancy in a society that often does not represent pregnant Black women favorably is something I believe will spark conversation and change in our communities.”

Rock The Bells And Curio To Match Sales For First 24 Hours

The NFT collection will start at a reserve price of $6,000 USD and will include 2 VIP tickets to the Rock The Bells Festival on August 6th and an unlimited amount of open edition digital collectible NFTs for $60 USD. What’s more, Rock The Bells and Curio will match each sale up to $10,000 on the NFT for the first 24 hours.

“Working to reduce Black maternal mortality is a cause that we could not be more proud to support,” said James Cuthbert, president of Rock The Bells, the global lifestyle brand and preeminent voice for classic and timeless Hip-Hop founded by LL COOL J. “This partnership signifies the imperative action needed to support Black mothers and we’re excited to join Pampers’ deep work in this space with Curio’s innovative technology to help fight for better outcomes for Black mothers.”