Here’s to Black women making history.

ESSENCE reports that Pamela Culpepper just became luxury fashion brand Prada’s newest board member, and she makes history as the first Black woman to do so in its 109-year history.

Along with Anna Maria Rugarli, Culpepper was appointed as the Independent Non-Executive Director of Prada S.p.A., the parent company of Prada. Both were chosen based on their backgrounds in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). They will support the Board of Directors with sustainability assessments and any decisions based on the three courses of action at the core of the company’s ESG strategy, which include people, environment, and culture.

A Woman Of Many Hats

Culpepper is not only joining Prada’s board, but she is also the co-founder of female-owned and led culture consultancy, Have Her Back. The company aims at leveling the playing field for everyone. 

It makes sense that both positions held by Culpepper have a focus on people, given her background having served as the Head of Human Resources as well as Diversity and Inclusion departments across the globe at some of the largest companies and industries.

Moving The Needle Forward

And as Culpepper steps into big shoes within her new role at Prada, the focus to drive the culture forward remains more clear than ever.

“People who know me and know what Prada stands for, quickly see what connects us – status quo is simply not an option,” said Culpepper told ESSENCE. “I’m proud to be a part of that challenge. One of Prada’s principles is to go where the risk is. Prada has stepped out front to lead the industry in ESG. It would be easier to fast follow, but that would be counter to both of our instincts. Prada is at the intersection of authentically connecting their values and purpose with the needs and will of their key stakeholders. My role is to help strategically navigate that intersection.”