Celebrities are doing their best to provide comfort to those isolated in quarantine by way of social media. Last Friday, rapper DMX used his platform to hold a virtual Bible study on Instagram Live, and over 14,000 users tuned in to listen, according to TheGrio.

The biblical session was a different approach from the multi-platinum artist, as many would predict he’d resort to rapping, but DMX read scriptures with the same fiery passion, intensity, and adlibs he delivers in his musical performances.

“A time for embracing, and a time to avoid embracing,” DMX said as he read from Ecclesiastes. “A time for embraces and time for avoiding embraces. What! Come on.”

He continued on leading sermons telling viewers to keep the faith and believe in the will of God during this difficult time.

Additionally, DMX concluded the Instagram Live session by offering a space for people to give their life to Christ, which people showed their appreciation for.

DMX’s virtual Bible study was a huge hit on social media, and people are hoping he’ll return with more scripture sessions.

This live reading is just another example of how artists are creatively using digital platforms to keep people connected and entertained while we all practice social distancing.

Instagram song battles, Zoom parties, watch parties, and more have all become the new quarantine trends. We can only hope to see more innovative digital fads become popularized as we continue to follow stay-at-home orders.