Celebrity chef Nik Fields isn’t the type to let the increasingly precarious foodservice industry deter her from her dreams.

The thought of working in a restaurant became a precarious one due to governmental restrictions on indoor dining, and due to increasing safety concerns thanks to the pandemic. 

And, certainly, there’s no shortage of headlines detailing how the once-thriving restaurant industry — long a staple of such major metropolitan cities as New York, San Francisco, and Miami — is in imminent peril.

But, none of that stopped Nik Fields from fulfilling her dreams and her vision.

“When you’re visionary, driven by passion, and when an opportunity presents itself — you have to follow through with it!” she said.

That’s why “Nik the Chic Chef” — as her clients know her — was unafraid to take on the most ambitious undertaking of her career: her own restaurant. Chic Chef Co., Cafe & Marketplace is a unique urban chic upscale restaurant concept in the trendy historical area of Midtown Phoenix, Arizona.

But this isn’t just a restaurant — it’s a specialty marketplace, too.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nik the Chic Chef

Chic Chef Co. Cafe & Marketplace takes up 3000-square-feet of newly constructed restaurant space, with an adjacent 800-square-feet marketplace filled with Chef Nik’s own brand of olive oils, balsamic vinegar, spice blends, pasta, sauces, sparkling lemonades, popcorn, cookies, sorbets, and a full line of culinary essentials which includes knives, kitchen tools, mixing bowls, and cast iron skillets.

In this way, Nik Fields translated the experience that gave her an advantage in the elite celebrity world to bring a unique dining experience to the “average American.”

For more information, visit Chic Chef Co.