Nigerian startup Kobo360 is now expanding to three more African countries after raising $6 million in funding. The company will reach Ghana, Togo, and Cote D’Ivoire by 2019 to link freight truck drivers with businesses that need them.

Kobo360 is also expanding to offer supply chain management tools, more programs and services for drivers. There will also be more warehousing capabilities and an increased presence in its home country.

TLcom Capital and Y Combinator have contributed to Kobo360’s funding. The startup’s founder Obi Ozor told TechCrunch his plan to grow the company into a global logistics operating system.

Kobo offers insurance on shipped goods and real-time status updates on deliveries. The company also offers KoboWin which allows individuals and groups to invest in trucks with the goal to inject at least 20,000 fairly used, roadworthy trucks into the logistics space.

Kobo has an incentivized education plan to help drivers pay for education, which the company sets on improving with its funding as well.

Kobo360 has served more than 900 companies and some of its clients include Honeywell, DHL, Unilever, Nestle and UPS.