Nicki Minaj is laying the foundation for emerging talent.

As AfroTech previously told you, the “Super Bass” rapper set out to launch a record label and management company and already had artists under her radar that she was looking to sign.

Minaj’s plans have now officially been set in motion, according to Billboard.

“I have a record label now,” Minaj said, according to the outlet. “When I get behind an artist, y’all know how I do s— for people that’s not even signed to me. Imagine what I’ma do for the ones that’s signed.”

The official name of the record label has not yet been released. However, The Fader reports it will be a subsidiary of Republic Records. In addition, lyricist Patty Lauren, also a friend of the rapper, has been named A&R (artists and repertoire) of the label.

The first signees to the label have also been announced. Joining the roster will be Nana Fofie, Tate Kobang, Rico Danna, and London Hill.

In terms of what to expect, the label won’t just be focused on rap. Opportunities will be open to artists of different genres.

“Don’t think my label is just rap, or Black, or anything. We got some other genres of music,” Minaj expressed, according to Billboard.

Minaj also discussed her rise to prominence, which was bolstered by Lil Wayne. Her goal is to provide that same level of support to more artists so they can remain in the industry for a long time.

“When I came in this game I didn’t have no paperwork with Lil Wayne,” Minaj explained, according to Billboard. “But he had us on tour, he had us in a studio, he was getting on my mixtapes,” she said. “So I understand the importance of having somebody else doing the heavy lifting for you. I understand why people are coming out and they’re so, you know, microwaveable and they’re here today and gone tomorrow, because there’s no structure. There’s no real person that believes in them. That’s like, ‘Nah, I’m gonna make it my business to see you shine.’”