Lana Denina is a Black woman artist who has made over $300,000 just in selling NFTs, CNBC reports.

And not just any NFTs — but NFTs of her original artwork.

By now, everyone is familiar with the NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, and its growing popularity in the tech world. Their popularity has sparked a revolution, especially among celebrities and creatives, too.

And for this Montreal, Canada-based creative, NFTs has made her quite a pretty penny. And she told CNBC that she hopes her success story inspires other creatives of color to follow in her footsteps.

“I hope to inspire more creatives who look like me to step a foot into tech,” she said. “When they saw the Mona Lana, they really wanted to buy an NFT. Before that, they were looking at other projects, and they didn’t feel fully represented maybe.”

She also said that she plans to donate a portion of her sales to a charity that supports African artists, and to various women’s shelters in Canada.

So, what else should we know about this artist’s revolutionary take on the artwork — and how she made her money?

What is the Mona Lana Collection of NFTs?

The Mona Lana Collection features unique digital artwork created by Lana Denina. Denina first began creating this collection in November of 2021, and subsequently began selling the pieces on different platforms.

“The Mona Lana collection includes 500 unique portraits of women created by Denina. Each portrait was generated by code with 112 different traits,” Denina told CNBC.

It’s safe to say the Mona Lana Collection was a success as it sold out within weeks.

What Has Denina Said About Her Success?

“It took off very fast. I was really surprised,” Denina says. “I don’t know if I got lucky. It was a big success for me and my partner. We worked a lot on this project, and we were really happy.”

We’re happy for you, too, Denina. And, as the NFT game evolves even more, we hope to see more people of color flourish in the same way as well.