Women in Technology International (WITI) released a new report this week confirming unconscious bias and inequality across the tech industry. The study points to the lack of diversity and inclusion as a systemic issue noting that only 16 percent of companies have plans to balance gender in the workplace.

The report—published by WITI, an organization advocating for women in tech—largely focuses on the state of women working in technology roles and finds that women remain significantly underrepresented in the workforce making up only 25 percent of IT workers, despite the growth and demand for workers in these roles.

The survey is based on a worldwide poll of over 1100 workers in technical or tech-based roles.  The data shows that men are more likely to see their workplace as diverse, including racial, ethnic, age, religious and gender diversity. Women reported they are underrepresented in STEM at their companies and that their workplace culture is geared towards men.

“This report underscores the need for gender inclusive culture, where both men and women can collaborate and flourish – all of which will positively impact the organization,” said Carolyn Leighton, chief executive officer and founder of WITI.

 Read the full study here.