NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie — the self-proclaimed “tech guy with a jumper” — and tech entrepreneur Solo Ceesay are taking their talents to the podcasting world.

Today, Dinwiddie and Ceesay — also the co-founders of Calaxy app — announced their New Money podcast in partnership with CoinDesk and Spotify in a press release exclusively provided to AfroTech.

“With the launch of New Money, we are catapulting traditionally boring conversations on finances into the realm of mainstream entertainment. We have given way to colloquial conversations about new methods of wealth creation in an effort to produce something that could resonate with all audiences,” said Ceesay in a press release.

While the now co-hosts are entering new territory, they aren’t new to the “creator economy” as their company, Calaxy, is an open social marketplace for creators by creators. The decentralized social media app brings creators and fans closer through various features while unlocking opportunities for creator monetization and personalized fan engagement.

Now, Spencer Dinwiddie and Solo Ceesay plan to explore what it means to be a part of that new economy in today’s age and expand the conversation with their New Money podcast.

“The greatest things all we start with a conversation and obviously because of the types of names and individuals that we have on the platform and hitting the different demographics and fan bases, it should get a cool little like melting pot of information disbursement,” Spencer Dinwiddie told AfroTech. “And, I think that’s what CoinDesk and Spotify are super excited about. We’re here to have the conversation and continue you to do that — that’s how we’ll push things forward.”

What To Expect From New Money Podcast

Well, for one, the series will consist of 12 episodes from familiar faces, including award-winning singer Mario, the Bachelor’s Matt James, NFL’s Foye Oluokun, WNBA’s Renee Montgomery, according to the press release. Plus, of course, other athletes, entertainers, and social media influencers.

Courtesy of New Money

With such a star-studded lineup of guests, we must note that they revealed no topic is off-limits. Spencer and Solo plan to create a space where they can not only be transparent and open but for their guests as well — that way, both the hosts and their guests can inform, educate, and empower their audience. The podcast, which will double in both video and audio, plans to discuss a range of topics from non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to gaming and even monetizing content.

“Through the light-hearted conversations we have with the various guests, Spencer and I are proud to say that New Money will change the way we all think about emerging technologies and finances,” Ceesay, co-host, and former Wall Street financier said in a press release.

And, what’s more, these conversations will be had by people who look like us.

“It comes from a different level of genuine when you have people that actually look like you, saying this type of stuff,” Ceesay told AfroTech exclusively. “Growing up, and even when I got into Wall Street, I looked to my left, I looked to my right, there’s nobody else that looked like me.”

He continued: “To have that type of thought leadership and be those guys starting to stick their necks out and having those conversations with the community — I think it’ll be well received. From that perspective, it just comes up quite genuine.”

Where To Tune In

To catch the New Money podcast, presented by Coindesk, and tap in with Dinwiddie and Ceesay, head to Spotify each Wednesday at 1 p.m. EST.

Editorial Note: Portions of this interview have been edited and condensed for clarity.