Serial entrepreneur Andre Amos will launch a new tech accelerator and coworking space in Houston next month. The NuWorld Epicenter will serve as an incubator for startup companies and hold courses in engineering and software development to community members.

The founder of NuRepublic—offering services that foster financial wellness—has invested in the $32 million, 120,000 square feet of space, one of the largest innovation projects in Texas.

“We’re trying to make incubation for technology and entrepreneurs more readily available,” Amos told Houston Business Journal.

The incubator and coworking space is designed for companies across the tech industry including software development, engineering and oil, and gas tech firms. NuWorld offers companies rentable desk space, conference rooms,  a gym, yoga room, and a slew of healthy food options.

Amos told Houston Business Journal that promoting a healthy lifestyle is part of the mission of the project.

The founder plans to release NuRepublic cryptocurrency called “NuBucks” at the incubator’s public launch event on October 1.

“For people that utilize services inside of the facility, we’re going to actually accept different forms of crypto for those services,” Amos said. “We’re going to have crypto point-of-sale systems in place, so people can come and use probably the top four or five coins, including our own, inside of the space.”