It’s been over a week since the Netflix Original, Bird Box, gained popularity online. Fans have been doing the “Bird Box Challenge” — walking around aimlessly while wearing blindfolds — and it’s starting to get dangerous.

Now, Netflix is asking its fans to stop.  People have posted videos doing a range of activities while blindfolded including reenacting scenes from the movie and driving — which has obvious safety concerns.

Netflix issued a statement this week on the challenge:

This isn’t the first time a product or company has inspired a challenge or social media trend that turned dangerous.

Last year’s Tide Pod Challenge went viral after YouTubers filmed themselves eating the product. It became so popular (and got so many people sick) that Proctor and Gamble, the makers of Tide, had to issue a statement to get people to stop eating the pods.

Hopefully, those participating in the challenge will take Netflix’s statement to heart.

Check out some “BirdBox Challenges” below: