Soul singer and activist Sam Cooke’s murder has long been described as a “justifiable homicide,” but now his life and death are being re-examined in an upcoming episode of Netflix’s ReMastered.

Cooke was shot dead in 1964 by motel manager Bertha Franklin, who said Cooke attacked her in her office. Franklin wasn’t charged, and it was considered an act of self-defense. However, Cooke’s family believe that his death was part of a conspiracy against the civil rights movement.

You can watch the trailer for the episode below, which highlights Cooke’s career and activism. His actions, such as refusing to play in segregated venues and championing equality, made him a beloved member of Black America, but it also put a target on his back.

According to Netflix, ReMastered “investigates high-profile events affecting some of the most legendary names in music, presenting groundbreaking discoveries and insights beyond what’s been previously reported.” The eight-part series includes episodes on Johnny Cash, Bob Marley and Jam Master Jay.

Cooke’s episode of ReMastered drops Feb. 8.