The NBA Foundation is keeping the holiday spirit alive through a $300 million commitment.

Part of the financial relief will be going to better the lives of children in New Orleans, LA.

“We want to strengthen the organizations that we’re partnering with, and we want to accelerate outcomes for young people around employment and jobs – particularly for Black youth,” said Greg Taylor, executive director of the Foundation, according to a press release.

One of the organizations being empowered with the new funding is STEM NOLA, which aims to improve the lives of students of color.

As AfroTech previously mentioned, STEM NOLA — created by Dr. Calvin Mackie and his wife Tracy Mackie — provides the Black community with access to project-based learning, events, and virtual learning designed to revitalize interests in STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


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“When people think about STEM, they think about all the equations, but if we can teach our children the basic understanding of nature and different forces and how they work, we can demystify STEM for them,” Dr. Mackie previously told AfroTech.

Courtesy of STEM NOLA

Now, STEM NOLA will accelerate its efforts in light of new funding to foster the next generation of changemakers.

Thanks to the grant, Black high school students from low-income communities in the city will be further supported through the STEM NOLA Fellowship program.

“Just as a college education is oftentimes the prerequisite for entry into the best and fastest-growing careers, having skills in STEM allows students the ability to compete in a global society and have 21st-century career success,” said Dr. Mackie in a press release. “These funds will give us the opportunity to further invest in developing the next generation of creators, innovators and entrepreneurs with these essential skills, and we greatly appreciate the support of the NBA Foundation for making a commitment to supporting our efforts to further our mission.”