TikTok has been known to change people’s lives. Nathan Apodaca’s life was changed in October 2020 after a video he posted of himself grooving on his skateboard drinking cranberry juice went viral. 

Apodaca, known on social media as “Doggface,” is a business owner who lives a humble life in a mobile home community in Idaho. According to Entrepreneur.com, he seeks to further capitalize on the success of his viral clip by auctioning it as an NFT for a minimum of $500,000. 

This business move is an effort to further his career as an influencer and ensure he receives financial compensation for the use of his image — an issue that is often brought up when it comes to viral trends and creators. 

The 23-second-clip will be auctioned on Rareable.com starting this Friday with a few stipulations. One being the song Apodaca was catching his “morning vibe” to— “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. While Apodaca was acknowledged by the artists in their own recreation of his video, he does not have any legal rights to their song so he will sell the clip with the original audio. 


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Another catch is the Ocean Spray juice Apodaca was drinking in his video. According to Entreprenuer.com, after the clip dominated trending topics on Twitter for at least a week, the company gifted him with a truck to thank him for the publicity. However, the logo of the company will be blurred in the virtual clip that will be auctioned off, as he does not have permission from the brand. 

A representative of Apodaca tells TMZ he plans to use the crypto assets to “start over,” purchasing a home for himself and his parents, paying off debt, and opening a community center.