British R&B singer NAO is the latest artist to incorporate artificial intelligence into her work. She just released a personalized AI music video for her hit song “Orbit” which is featured on her latest album “Saturn.”

Before the interactive video begins, viewers are asked to enter their birthday to identify their zodiac sign and other constellations, which creates a custom experience.

Once the video starts playing we see two cosmic figures dancing among a night sky. The design of the video is based entirely on the information entered prior. Users are can also adjust the colors of figures, the sky, and the stars while the video is playing. When the video is finished playing, fans can share an image or video what they’ve created.

Here’s ours:

NAO partnered with Microsoft — one of the biggest movers in the AI industry — to make the video. Team members used Microsoft Kinect to pull biometric data and a custom application programming interface to help highlight viewers’ zodiacs within NAO’s movement.

“For me, working with technology in this way is a total first,” NAO said in a video posted to Microsoft’s YouTube page. “The way we’re bringing fans into the video is we’re making it interactive.”

Developers used the Microsoft Azure Custom Vision Service, which was trained to identify constellations within NAO and her dancers’ movements.

“Fans can also tell the story with you, so it’s personalized for them as well,” NAO said. “It’s going to bring a new dimension to what I do.”

NAO is just the latest musician to incorporate tech into her work. This month, Donald Glover worked with Google to launch an augmented reality experience for his latest song “Algorhythm.”