Myspace isn’t thought of as an active social media site anymore. Most people really only go on to see what they were up to all those years ago and reminiscence over old music. But, it seems even that may not be possible anymore.

Music uploaded onto Myspace between 2003 and 2015 is now gone, the company confirmed in a banner announcement that has since been taken down.

Rumors that the files were lost actually started about a year ago on Reddit and the company said it was having issues with all songs or videos updated three years ago. The company tried to fix the issue, but it seems that didn’t work and  the company now says it has no way to find the data that was lost. According to The Verge, Myspace’s data privacy officer sent an email to a Reddit user who was inquiring about missing music.

A screenshot of Myspace’s music page

The company also confirmed that photos, videos or any other audio files uploaded may be lost as well.

Myspace’s connection to music is really what kept the platform relevant after it pretty much disappeared from public interest once Facebook and Twitter came into the fold. Artists would continue to upload mixtapes and make band pages.

That’s a lot of music and a lot of memories. But, it’s also an important reminder that the internet doesn’t actually last forever. If you have anything on old sites that you love, it’s time to back that data up.