Now, this is how you celebrate a milestone birthday!

In a heartwarming post shared on Instagram, entertainer Monica celebrated her eldest child’s 18th birthday. 

“@rodney You changed my life the second I knew I was pregnant with you,” wrote the “Why I Love You So Much Singer” in a caption accompanied by clips of her son’s growth over the years. “I wanted to be better for you, grow for you, change for you, and accomplish things unimaginable for you.”

She continued: “Today I celebrate you. There’s nothing in the world we wouldn’t do for you! Happy 18th birthday… Love Mom.”


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Investing In His Future

What’s more, when it came to the gift-giving for the milestone year, Monica revealed that she would be gifting him with $1,800 to have fun, and another significant amount for him to invest in his business.

“Happy birthday,” she said at the end of the same aforementioned video. “For your birthday I’ll give you $1,800 to have fun, right? And I’m gonna give you $18,000 to invest in yourself and your business…and we’re gonna sit down and map out your business plan how you want.”

A seemingly bashful Rodney, nodded his head in gratitude, rather blown away by his mother’s gift. 

“That sounds awesome… wow,” he said.

Celebrating Her Village

No stranger to expressing the love she has for her children, Monica has always been vocal about her babies, which include 18-year-old Rodney, 15-year-old Romelo, and 9-year-old Laiyah.

In an Instagram Story post, she opened up about the village that has played a significant role in helping to raise her children.

“When you’re raising children your village matters,” wrote Monica. “Although mine is awfully small, I’m so grateful for them and their love. My mother and father have held me up. I’ve never had nannies or even an assistant and that’s no slight to people who do (we all must do what works for us), but my parents have been there every step of the way and I’m so grateful.”

The Georgia native listed others who have been supportive throughout her motherhood journey and concluded with, “As I reflect on the beauty of today and the intimate celebration we had, I just want to say you all matter and I’m so grateful for you.”

Securing The Family Legacy

As previously reported by AfroTech, fellow celebrity parents like Rick Ross, Ja Rule, and more have been intentional with the gifts they’ve showered their children with in recent years.

From non-fungible tokens to Wing Stop franchises, they aren’t shying away from ensuring that their children are set up for success in their future business endeavors.