Mitch Richmond first shot to fame when he played for the Sacramento Kings — so much so, in fact, that the team has retired the No. 2 for jerseys when he retired in 2001. Now, he’s stepping up his game again.

In a press release announcement, it was revealed that Richmond’s company ShaneED has entered into an equity partnership with Universal Gamers Amateur Association (UGAA). This new partnership will level the proverbial playing field by providing poor minority schools with educational virtual reality games. ShaneED is named for Richmond’s youngest son, who tragically died at the age of 20 in 2019.

ShaneED’s mission is to uplift Black and Hispanic communities. To do so, they combine online gaming with educational opportunities, making education paths available to obtain meaningful careers.

“I’m proud to partner with UGAA, as there is a digital divide in our country,” said Richmond, in the press release statement. “and it is organizations and programming like UGAA that will help keep kids in school by providing programming they actually want to learn that will lead to a promising career.”

The UGAA program provides STEM, educational, leadership, and life skills courses with an eSport gaming component to school districts nationwide. Its goal is to serve the K-12 community, and specifically, to serve Black and Hispanic children in the K-12 community.