Missed 2018’s AfroTech conference? We’ve got you covered. We’ve partnered with Evernote to bring you video and notes from our some of our favorite sessions. 

Check them all out below!

AfroTech 2018 | Fireside Chat: Baron Davis

AfroTech 2018 | Y Combinator AMA

AfroTech 2018 | Strong Black Lead: A conversation with Netflix

AfroTech 2018 – A Fireside Chat with Valerie Jarrett

AfroTech 2018 | Criminal Justice and Tech 

AfroTech 2018 – Sounds of Blackness: Staying authentic in a digital age

AfroTech 2018 | The Future of AfroTech

Hopefully you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed giving you the best, blackest tech conference in the world. See y’all in Oakland in 2019!