As Mike Epps and Kyra, his wife, gear up for the premiere of “Buying Back The Block,” they have added on another goal to their real estate ventures.

For several years, the couple has been expanding their real estate portfolio, including in Indianapolis, IN, the actor’s hometown, by restoring homes, as previously reported by AFROTECH.

“A lot of people claim a Hood, a city, or a block but don’t own it,” Epps shared in a previous Instagram caption. “This is my block in Indiana the before and after with family and friends in the homes. They movin us out of our community’s at a rapid pace.”

He continued, “I been arrested in this hood a thousand times and lost a many friends to violence and drugs. In this neighborhood was a full crack house in the 80’s and 90’s look at it now. God Is Good. I tell all the youngsters to invest in real estate it will take care of you…oh and I had this land for 25 years or better not bragging just tryin to inspire.”

During an interview on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” in March 2023, Epps shared how gentrification in the neighborhoods of Indiana has made an impact on home costs.

To combat gentrification’s effects, Epps and Kyra are working on a plan. In the sneak peek video for “Buying Back The Block” — inspired by his late mother — he shared that they aim to not only renovate homes, but also create affordable housing for Indiana residents.


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“I bought my whole childhood block back, six homes that we actually got evicted from,” Epps said in the video. “After all of the big movies, television, running around doing stand-up all over the world, Indy was calling. Over the years, things have changed. Some of the houses are ran down. The streets are ran down. Me and my wife, Kyra, we’re on a mission to renovating these houses one at a time and making sure people can afford them.”

The video clip also revealed that, over the course of two weeks, for the show, the Epps worked on two home renovations — Mike’s grandma’s home and an army home, which is next door to their own home, “Big Blue,” that they renovated.

“For the two houses that we’re gonna be working on, this is so cool that we’re able to give an opportunity for people to come back here,” Kyra said.

The show “Buying Back The Block” premieres on HGTV on Nov. 8.