There’s no limit, or price in this case when it comes to owning a piece of history!

Complex reports that a pair of famous Air Jordans worn by Michael Jordan himself just sold for a hefty price tag of $422,130!

The shoes, which are believed to be the same pair worn by Jordan during a 1985 game against the Golden State Warriors, were sold through an auction house by the name of Lelands. These are said to be the same pair worn on Oct. 29, 1985, a significant date because it was the time that Jordan suffered a fractured bone in his left foot, leaving him out of the game for six months during his sophomore season.

Where'd They Come From?

Lelands managed to snag the sneakers from a consignor whose father was gifted the game-worn shoes from the man, myth, and legend himself, Michael Jordan!

The pair comes in his well-known mismatched size, which is a 13 on the left foot and a 13 ½ on the right foot. The interior linings of the sneakers include the stamp, “850102-TYPS.”

Speculations that the same pair of shoes may have been worn by Jordan during his rookie year have been made because the sneakers were produced halfway through the 1984-1985 season. However, Complex reports it has not been confirmed whether this is true or not.

Following the injury that is said to have occurred within these shoes, Jordan would ultimately go on to return to the game on March 15, 1986, against the Milwaukee Bucks, helping to lead the Chicago Bulls to the playoffs. 

He also would eventually go on to train and play in a modified version of the Air Jordan 1 built with a support strap.

A Hot Commodity

Like tons of sports memorabilia, game-worn Jordan sneakers can’t stay off of the market for long and once they’re available, they’re almost always gone in an instant!

Following “The Last Dance” documentary, Jordan’s Nike Air Ships, which predates the Air Jordan line, reportedly sold for a whopping $1.47 million.