Michael Jackson wasn’t just an entertainer. He was a legacy and a legend — the likes of which we will never see in our lifetimes again.

But when he died, the affairs of his estate were a bit contentious. According to the Associated Press, Jackson’s estate was worth $482 million when he passed in 2009. However, the estate hotly contested that value — mostly because of the estate bill that was prepared that was “far too high” for the heirs.

Ultimately, in May 2021, Judge Mark Holmes ruled that the Michael Jackson estate was worth $111 million. The ruling in the estate’s favor in May 2021 means that the IRS must recalculate the taxes owed, and this time, they must not include any penalties or fees.

The heirs in question — sons Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. and Prince “Blanket” Jackson II, and daughter Paris — however, are set for life. According to Life & Style Magazine, each of the children receives an $8 million allowance yearly. When the children turn 33, they will each acquire equal shares of half the estate. When the children turn 40, they will each acquire equal shares of the remainder of the estate.

Photo Credit: Dave J Hogan

Yet, despite never needing to work again if they don’t want to, the children of Michael Jackson hold their own. Here’s how each of the children is doing their part to keep their father’s multi-million dollar legacy alive while also making their own way in the world.

Prince Michael Jackson

Net Worth: $100 million

Prince Michael Jackson, the eldest of Michael Jackson’s children, has a net worth of $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Born Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., Prince mostly stays out of the spotlight, though he does periodically post photos on his Instagram page.

However, in 2017, he issued a rare statement to people who questioned whether he was Michael Jackson’s biological son. “Every time someone asks me that, I ask, ‘What’s the point? What difference does it make?’ Specifically to someone who’s not involved in my life. How does that affect your life? It doesn’t change mine,” he said.

Paris Jackson

Net Worth: $100 million

Like her older brother, Paris Jackson — Michael Jackson’s only daughter — has a net worth of $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Unlike her older brother, however, Paris Jackson is a very public figure. Although she doesn’t have the level of fame that her father once had, she’s still a successful actress and model with a career of her own.

She had a minor music career, but she’s best known for her roles in “The Peanut Butter Falcon,” “Star,” and “American Horror Stories,” according to her IMDb page.



Prince Michael Jackson II (aka "Blanket")

Net worth: Unknown

Of Michael Jackson’s three children, the least is known about Prince Michael Jackson II (aka “Blanket”). According to Biography, he’s reportedly the only true biological child of Michael Jackson, but this has never been confirmed. Additionally, his biological mother’s identity remains a secret, and he was conceived via surrogate.

More than the circumstances of his birth, however, is his seemingly undercover life. He doesn’t have any known or public social media accounts, and he doesn’t seem to make headlines in any way, shape, or form. Then again, it can be successfully argued that Prince Michael Jackson II achieved something his father never could: a private, happy life.