This young lady is going places!

According to VIBE, Janiya Baker is now the first teen to skip from ninth to 12th grade in Miami-Dade County Public School’s district. 

“I was ready to finish school,” she told WSVN 7 News Miami. “It was a lot of work I had to do.”

A Star Student

What’s more, Baker achieved the historic accomplishment all while participating in extra-curricular activities and holding the current title as class president. She is also a member of the varsity cheerleading team at Hempstead Senior High School.

“I noticed she was very accelerated, and I’m like, ‘OK, she don’t make B’s,’” Baker’s mother told the outlet. “Then I’m like, let’s put her in higher classes, and then she started accelerating and she went higher and she never dropped the ball so I was like, ‘OK, let’s go for it.’ Me and her dad, Travis, we raised her to be the intelligent young woman that she is, and we’re proud of her.”

Her Academic Goals

In the future, Baker aims to attend Florida International University, where she dreams of majoring in business and continuing her love for cheering.

“Moving from 9th grade to 12th, that shows grit, and perseverance,” said Baker’s current principal. “It shows a young lady with tenacity and the vision to accomplish her future goals, sooner rather than later.”

Advice For Her Peers

At this time, Baker has the highest grade point average at her school and encourages her peers to keep going.

“Never give up and keep going even if it gets hard and just have a great support system around you,” she shared, according to the outlet.