Meka Asonye is a man of many talents who wears many hats — and now, he can add “partner” to that list.

Forbes was the first to break the news that Asonye — who is best known, perhaps, as the former head of sales for Stripe — has been named the newest partner at First Round venture capital firm.

Crunchbase confirms that Asonye knows more than a thing or two about investing: in recent years, he’s had a hand in investing in such companies as Snackpass, Coda, and Confirm.

“I’m a Black investor. I know that representation matters, and that as an industry we need to be better about hiring more people, getting more diverse cap tables, and building out a more diverse network. And I think First Round is thinking about that in lots of ways,” Meka Asonye said to Forbes. “But for me, I’m just thinking about how I can be a successful investor, and how I can partner with the next billion-dollar company.”

In addition to investing in the first round/Series A rounds for such prestigious companies, Meka Asonye has also made inroads in the FinTech industry as the VP of Sales at Mixpanel, where he leads the company’s global sales and professional services teams. In addition to being an alumnus of Stripe, Asonye is also an alumnus of Bain & Company, where he got his FinTech career off the ground by advertising B2B software companies.

The first-generation Nigerian-American graduated from Princeton with a degree in Economics, and later went on to get his MBA from the Harvard Business School.