It’s still a winning season for Megan Thee Stallion.

The Latest

According to Rolling Stone, a Texas judge has denied the Houston native’s label request for her 2021 album to not be considered as a full project to bring her contract to an end.


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The notion, made by 1501 Certified Entertainment ahead of the trial, argued that Megan’s “Something For Thee Hotties” album did not fit the requirements to be considered as one of the projects under her contract because it included previously recorded tracks available to the public. The record label also alleged that the body of work “failed to follow the proper approval procedures.”

A Fair Fight

In her own argument, Megan — whose given name is Megan Pete — addressed 1501’s claims, noting that she deserved a fair shot to argue her case at trial.

“Pete should be allowed her day in court to present evidence and testimony to the jury demonstrating that she has done all that was required of her in the delivery and release of her albums,” read the report.

Previous Accusations

In another incident, Megan claimed that 1501 was also behind the leak of “Traumazine,” a project that hit platforms eight days ahead of its initial release. The album was also set to conclude her contract with the label.

“Y’all know I always have problems with dropping my music under this label, all these games and having to go to court just to put out my art has been so stressful,” she tweeted ahead of the music release. “Thank you hotties for rocking with me through the bullsh-t WE ALMOST OUT. LETS STAY FOCUSED AND RUN THIS LAST ONE UP.”

One Step Toward Freedom

In her latest step toward victory, Megan says that all skits and freestyles included on the “Something For Thee Hotties” album should not count as previously published material because, despite being uploaded to YouTube, the format did not allow for it to be commercially distributed to the public for sale.

Furthermore, the reports revealed that Megan began to collaborate with 300 Entertainment after the company purchased the exclusive right to “manufacture, distribute, sell, transmit and otherwise exploit her albums in 2018.”

In the midst of it all, the “Hot Girl Summer” emcee claims that 300 Entertainment provided 1501 with a link to the project three days ahead of its release and was “kept apprised of developments” prior to the release of “Something For Thee Hotties.”

She also claims that 1501, led by Carl Crawford, did not object to the album until two months after it was released.

Moving Forward

“If there is any ambiguity around the term ‘previously-unreleased,’ it should be reserved as a question of fact for the jury,” the report concluded.

As previously reported by AfroTech, Megan’s battle with her label dates back to 2020, and an official trial isn’t expected until after May 2023.