The world of animation doesn’t have much color, and this couple is on a mission to change that.

Jermaine and Whaketa Hargrove are making history with a first-of-it’s-kind Black-owned animation network, The Animation TV Network, per a report from ESSENCE.

“We are using Animation TV and exclusive content to bring awareness to the lack of diversity and inclusion in the animation industry,” said Jermaine in an official news release. “By offering distribution to global animation creators, we will amplify the voices that sometimes go unheard. Structuring a theatrical partnership with a major film Studio for some of our stronger animation IP’s is also a goal of Animation TV. We are currently looking to finance, develop and distribute all forms of animation content(2D/3D) from creators all over the world.”

Something Different

Using a subscription and linear channel model for easier access for watchers, Animation TV will tap into resources alongside Small Town Animation Studios to provide original, exclusive content. The company is already coming out of the gate swinging with plans to launch a diabetic superhero film “Gumeshe: The Type 1 Protector.” Other forthcoming projects include a faith-based series, “The Sunday Schoolers,” as well as originals that include “Princess Tatenda,” “Animate My Life,” and “Welcome to Gamerville.” Award-winning series, “Shelly: The Dancing Spider” will also be a part of the network’s programming.

Other partners include Kit Bash 3D and The Animation School in Africa.

“The Animation School continues to drive diversity through partnerships such as Animation TV,” said The Animation School director and co-founder, Nuno Martins. “These [partnerships] highlight the importance of building a diverse community within the international animation industry.”

Animation TV Is Here to Change the World

Not only is Animation TV on a mission to shake up the animation industry, but the platform will also work to equip the Metaverse with more characters that reflect its programming through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Scheduled for a summer launch, Animation TV will be available on Apple’s iOS and Google Play for Android. Subscribers can also access the network via the Internet.