Cameron Sadler is an expert on freelancers and wants to help mold the future of work.

The founder is on a mission to help people learn a new craft and hone their freelancer skills through the Y-Combinator backed startup NewCraft. The platform is designed to help freelancers access opportunities with top companies and learn the skills needed to be successful in their role.

NewCraft—the internet’s learning management system—evolved as a space for freelancers to learn how to freelance their work, collaborate on projects, and search for contract workers. Sadler and his team developed two iterations of the product before landing on the current version of the platform.

The founder first toyed around with the idea of freelancers subcontracting work to other freelancers and also built a product delivering instant payouts to freelancers. Both products served thousands of users while ensuring customers learned how to become master freelancers.

“Over the last two years, I’ve seen just about every freelance work scenario,” Sadler said in a June 2018 YouTube interview. “I’m pulling all the data from our first two products and pushing them into our new product to generate more content and more freelance work scenarios.”

Sadler is a Texas native with a background in IT project management. He previously founded a startup called GF-17, Inc.–a co-working space for freelancers–and taught technology at a high school. He founded the company in 2017, according to Crunchbase, then launched the product in beta a few months ago.

The platform now facilitates helping companies search for talent through artificial intelligence on-boarding and helping freelancers seamlessly earn contracts through the skills-based training content.

“Our vision here is that everyone should have the opportunity to learn through work simulation,” said Sadler. “What that looks like is someone graduates high school or someone leaves college early, they can essentially enter a work simulator and see exactly what it’s like to work at a company like Airbnb and Dropbox.”

NewCraft participated in the Y-Combinator accelerator program where the startup received $120,000 in seed funding this year.

Cameron Sadler will be participating in the AfroTech Cup Pitch Competition. Check out the live stream starting at 2 o’clock to see him and other founders pitch their ideas.