Although the median age for franchise owners is between 45-54-years-old, according to statistics, this new franchise owner doesn’t seem to fall in that category. Skyler Blacknall, 31, belongs to a unique group of entrepreneurs who are able to secure the capital needed to get started at a young age. 

Blacknall recently purchased his first Smoothie King located in Forth Worth, TX, and is currently negotiating his second with the ultimate goal of owning a total of 25 locations.

“I’ve always been big on health, so that drove the decision,” he told Black Enterprise. “I lost my mother, my brother, and my cousin all to different health-related issues, so in a way, my career choice is also a dedication to them as well. I researched different brands and healthy concepts prior to making my decision. I knew that with an investment this size, [it] had to be something I could stand by.”

Blacknall also opens up about the difficulty in finding plant-based options in Texas.

“As someone with a plant-based diet, the options are limited in Texas.” However, Smoothie King is a highly popular and recognizable brand (headquartered in Coppell, TX), and I was excited to get behind it,” he said, according to Black Enterprise.

Not one to back down when faced with challenges, he shares what kept him going during the 10 years that it took to achieve the goal of owning a franchise.

“Once I set a goal, I’m determined to accomplish it. I know franchising is a blessing and I wanted the opportunity to take advantage of it. I also couldn’t have done it without my wife who was extremely supportive. We had to live way below our means so that I could save as much as possible to buy the store,” he told Black Enterprise. “She’s an attorney and worked hard to get where she is, so that’s not easy. But I told her I was committed to one-day taking care of her in a way she never imagined – and that’s what I intend to do.  I also have a daughter that I want to set a great example for.  She tells me she wants to own her own Blaze Pizza (laughing).  And my father . . . he planted the seeds and I want to make him proud.”

Blacknall encourages millennials to stick with it and remember that the process does not happen overnight despite what social media may portray.


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