SaLisa Berrien is bettering lower-income areas by helping companies cut down on energy waste.

Forbes reports Berrien is focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG). The measure is useful for companies to understand how to manage risk and opportunities in those areas, per the Corporate Finance Institute.

In 2018, Berrien created COI Energy with those sentiments at the forefront.

The digital platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and lower energy waste. This is accomplished by predictive analytics, which allows COI customers to stay updated on how they are using energy.

COI Energy

“We developed a solution that simplifies the whole process, which is as easy to use as turning on a light switch,” Berrien tells Forbes.

What’s more, a portion of each kilowatt saved is transferred to low-income communities.

“Businesses waste about a third of the energy they consume —that’s 300 million tons of carbon being emitted annually into the environment and not being used,” Berrien shares with Forbes.

This matter is important for Berrien because she lived through energy poverty growing up.

The outlet mentions her parents had difficulties paying their monthly electric bill.

Now in her later years, she is working to ensure other families won’t have to live through that experience. So, COI customers can allocate some of their energy savings to those who are in need through its program, E2X Exchange (excess energy exchange).

“I knew what it felt like to be in the dark,” Berrien tells Forbes.

Over time, Berrien has targeted her attention on areas that include healthcare facilities, groceries, commercial office space, and multifamily units, which have proven to be the most beneficial areas to tackle energy waste.

“The platform gave them a clear line of sight into correcting the inefficiencies,” Berrien explains to Forbes.