Finding new ways to introduce girls to STEM is important, and two groups have come together with a unique idea of their own. Deloitte and The Ella Project, creator of Ella the Engineer, have announced a new comic book series aimed at exposing girls to STEM.

In a press release, Deloitte described the series as following the comic book character Ella while she solves problems using her STEM skill set. Throughout the series, she will be guided by various Deloitte leaders.

“Deloitte is committed to creating opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities to enter into productive careers in STEM and STEM adjacent fields — and it starts with early education,” Janet Foutty, chair and CEO, said, according to the press release.

The Ella Project’s aim is to make sure girls have a STEM hero they can identify with. Along with the comic book, they also highlight women in STEM and the impact they’re making in the industry.

This project is part of a larger conversation tackling the representation of women in STEM. Right now, women only hold 28% of STEM jobs in the United States, but those numbers also differ by race. According to the Girls Collaborative Project, “Black women, Latinas, and other women racially underrepresented in STEM comprise fewer than 1 in 20 employed scientists and engineers.”

By bringing Ella to a larger audience through this new collaboration, The Ella Project and Deloitte may be able to change that.

“We are thrilled to team with The Ella Project to advance the possibilities for young women’s futures, showing how adventurous and meaningful a career in STEM can be — and having a little fun along the way,” Foutty said.