Meek Mill continues to use social media to air out his grievances with the music industry.

Going Bad

This time, he has revealed that despite his collaboration with Drake for “Going Bad” being a hit single, he has no idea how much he actually made from the song’s success.


“I asked Drake to do that song three days before my album came out,” Meek recalled. “I think he did [it] for free for me. We cooked it up… How tf do I not know how much I made off a song that made that much… they gave me a plaque. Big mental trickery!”

Where's The Money?

The Philly native also opened up about the response he received when he asked how much the song was worth.

“One day I asked how much ‘Going Bad’ made, just that song. They said $24 million,” said Meek via Twitter. “I was like, ‘How much did I make?’ All I got was ‘Uhhhh.’ I’m like wtf I know all the financials to my other businesses. I signed out all trust for that whole system.”

Meek Mill's Net Worth

During the open forum session that Meek held via Twitter using the hashtag #askmeek, the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper also opened up about the amount of money he’s seen as an artist.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the “Dangerous” emcee is worth an estimated $20 million.

“I made 11million dollars in 10 years from music. ‘Just music payments.’ I was shocked, mad, and didn’t wanna really rap for any label. Now, I got a real point to prove,” he said.

Money Over Accolades

Additionally, Meek isn’t too keen on receiving plaques for his artistry moving forward.

“Don’t give me a plaque. Give me the financial paper of how much the song I recorded for 20k made 20 million…not an award,” he shared on the platform. “I’m from the trenches. I don’t want that shit. I want an estate. I want my whole family tree to beat the ghetto.”