The lack of communication between healthcare providers can be damaging. Physicians worldwide rarely communicate with other physicians who are outside of their practice or hospital. Instead, they solely depend on the patient’s verbal history. Medcera is changing this for the citizens of Africa.

Medcera is a web-based EMR (electronic medical record) and EHR (electronic health record) system with a patient portal. By providing both EMR and EHR, it gives the physician a more well-rounded picture of the patient’s health. Essentially, it provides them with personal health records for patients.

Under the leadership of Federal University of Technology and Johns Hopkins University alum, professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe — Medcera technology is exclusively serving the entire continent of Africa. Once a patient has a record with Medcera, every approved healthcare professional will have access to that record irrespective of time and location. This is a game-changer for physicians and patients alike, especially across the continent of Africa.

All Medcera systems run on a cloud network that doesn’t require any hardware installation. This allows smaller economically challenged healthcare facilities to benefit from the Medcera technology.

However, a concern with electronic medical records technologies is system security, and the ability of the system to maintain confidentially of patient’s personal medical records.

For example, an Alberta hospital is currently under an internal investigation for improper access to more than 2,000 patient electronic health records. The breach was discovered during a routine audit of the hospital. To avoid this pitfall, Medcera is secured with bank-level SSL security protocols to avoid any breaches.

Not only does the system allow the patient to connect with their physician, but the system can also keep track of dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, labs, and imaging records. In addition, it provides insights on perspectives of disease trends, helps with health management, drug discovery, policy formulation, and clinical decision support, all while maintaining patient privacy.

Since Medcera is able to store patient information — it is a useful tool in aiding Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Now, they can cut back on the guesswork when it comes to data-based decision processes.