TikTok crowned Master P the “master of merchandising” and it’s clear that he’s rightfully earned the title.


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And for his future business ventures, the mogul is set to take his talents to the next level with the help of technology.

Master P's Ice Cream Shop

As there is no limit to his entrepreneurial madness, Master P is clearly all about building his empire with his family. Now, it appears he’s bringing his son, Romeo Miller, in on the action as the two recently shared their new ice cream machine, The Ice Cream Shop, in an Instagram post.

“The ICE CREAM MAN taking over! Our new technology and Ice cream machine. When you put God first, nothing is impossible,” Master P wrote via Instagram.

According to the post, the family duo will be taking the company public soon.

“We going to take this company public soon..,” he continued. “The more we make, the more we give. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Trust the process #TheFuture We creating economic empowerment.”

Master P's Master Crunch Cereal

Master P’s mission behind his business ventures seems to always have the common denominator of creating economic empowerment while building the community. And, with his Master Crunch Cereal, things are no different. For its recent launch, he teamed up with PLB Sports & Entertainment (PLBSE).

“We’ve been looking up to the Wheaties box and we never owned that or was able to do anything like that,” Master P told HipHopDX. “Even as a kid growing up, eating Cap’n Crunch cereal, I’m like, we never owned nothing so I created my own brand, Master Crunch — and the taste is so good. It’s a game changer, but it’s also about building economic empowerment, putting money back into our community and our culture.”

Partial proceeds from Master Crunch Cereal will go toward Master P’s Team Hope Foundation, the rap veteran’s nonprofit organization for inner-city youth.

“The more we make, the more we give,” he said. “Being able to help the elderly and give back for inner-city kids education, no cereal has ever done that. It’s just incredible. To be able to have a great tasting brand but also a brand that’s given back is a game changer.”

If you’re located in New Orleans, LA, the cereal can be found in select Rouses Markets. In Fall 2022, the cereal will expand to Walmart stores.

Until then, Master Crunch Cereal can also be found online.

Master P's Uncle P’s Hoody Hoos Cereal

While Master Crunch Cereal has launched, it’s not Master P’s first time paying it forward through the cereal industry.

In 2020, AfroTech shared that he entered into the game with Uncle P’s Hoody Hoos Cereal, which profits also go toward helping the community.

“Hoody Hoos Cereal is not only a delicious breakfast or snack but is making a difference,” he shared. “A percentage of every cereal box sold goes to providing inner-city kids in the community with education, resources, and activities to help build their future.”