Gold Bond is on a mission to uplift and spotlight the Hollywood underdogs — Black stuntwomen.

To do just that, the company has launched #ChampionYourSkin, a campaign that celebrates women who put their skin to the test to break barriers not only for themselves but for others too.

With Black History Month still in full swing, the skincare company has partnered with Grammy-award-winning and Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter, actress, producer, and entrepreneur, Mary J. Blige to not only champion Black stuntwomen, but also give back to the women who almost never get the recognition they deserve.

“This campaign is about championing your skin and spotlighting Black stuntwomen because while it’s very little of them, it’s very important that they too are included when you talk about diversity in Hollywood,” Blige told AfroTech. “I think it’s important and I’m very excited to be a part of this because now as an actress, there’s a lot of stunts that I have to do and if it weren’t for the stuntwomen I would get hurt.”


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Blige, no stranger to partnerships in a career that spans 20-plus years, says that she’s very intentional when it comes to collaborating with a brand.

“I won’t say I’m using a product and I’m not [actually] using it,” continues Blige. “I’ve turned down so much money in my life because I’m not just going to take a lot of money or an endorsement with someone if I’m not using the product. A lot of people follow me and respect what I do and I don’t want to hurt them by saying that I’m doing something if I’m not.”

She also shares why partnerships like this are important in the industry.

“There isn’t enough representation for women who look like us, especially in the entertainment game,” Blige said. “You don’t even see Black stuntwomen in the credits. I think that they should have a category at the Oscars just like they have one for [the] best costume designer.”

As a woman of many hats, we asked Blige how she champions the skin she’s in.

“I take great care of my skin as well as my body from the inside out,” shares Blige.

Not only will this partnership uplift and put the much-needed spotlight on Black stuntwomen, but Gold Bond will also give back to the community by fostering the next generation of Black stuntwomen.

“Because you can’t be what you can’t see, Gold Bond is giving back to Diamond in the Raw, an organization founded by stuntwoman La Faye Baker,” said the company in a press statement. “Gold Bond’s contribution supports La Faye’s creation of the ‘Skin Champions Stunt Workshop’ program, geared toward helping more girls of color pursue their dreams in the stunt industry.”

As an entrepreneur, Blige has her own line of wine, Sun Goddess Wines, and her own jewelry collection collaboration with her best friend, Simone I. Smith, which is called Sister Love.

However, her list of entrepreneurial ventures don’t end there. We had to know when the world can expect to get their hands on some of her iconic footwear with a line of boots.

“I’m working on it,” the “Real Love” singer said. “It’s the next thing on my list.”

Each purchase of Gold Bond will support the company’s partnership with Diamond in the Raw and the Skin Champions Stunt Workshop program.

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