Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, recently took to his Twitter to offer a helping hand for Black-owned and women-led businesses who were shut out of the federal Payment Protection Program (PPP).

Cuban tweeted on Wednesday, calling for businesses led by people of color and women to share their stories of being locked out of PPP funding. 

Cuban revealed that $100 billion worth of funding is left, and banks are eager to earn the 5 percent from PPP loan disbursements in the Twitter thread. 


Cuban’s effort to connect Black-owned businesses with legit banking institutions isn’t his first stance against the unfairly allocated PPP funding fiasco. Earlier this week, the billionaire tweeted his thoughts on the failures of the PPP. 


Forbes estimates the entrepreneur’s net worth of $4.3 billion can be attributed to selling Broadcast.com to Yahoo in 1999, his ownership of NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, and stakes in Magnolia Pictures, AXS TV, and dozens of small startups.

If you are a woman or Black entrepreneur, click here to share your status to possibly get the funding you deserve.