Mariah Carey is on the growing list of musicians to own their masters.

With Halloween behind us, the music legend is preparing for the holiday season — or as she puts it, “Mariah SZN.”

In an interview with USA Today, Carey shared details of her upcoming TV series based on her memoir — “The Meaning of Mariah Carey.” She also talked about the ownership of her master recordings.

“I’m here to do anything we need to do. I own all my old masters,” Carey told the outlet. “I don’t think it’s about ‘cast the girl who sings the Mariah Carey style,’ whatever that is. It’s about casting a great actress with a somewhat similar look and just making sure the acting is there. Because we have the music – they can sing along to it.”

Mariah Carey's Discography

Within Carey’s career of over three decades, she has recorded 15 studio albums, two soundtrack albums, eight compilation albums, four extended plays, two soundtrack albums, and one remix album.

Her work includes the 1994 album “Merry Christmas,” which features the timeless hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” The holidays are a splendid time for Carey’s pockets and with news of owning her masters, they will probably be even bigger.

The "Queen of Christmas" Is Coming

Along with her TV series in the works, Carey shared details about her children’s book, “Christmas Princess.” The singer says that she wrote it to uplift anyone who has “ever felt othered.”

“It’s a short little book, but it really does have a deeper meaning,” Carey added, according to the outlet. 

The picture book was released on Nov. 1.

What’s more, Carey is gearing up for her Christmas concerts in December 2022.

“I’m trying to make (these shows) as magical as possible,” she expressed to the outlet. “Oftentimes as a child, or even throughout earlier parts of my career, I did not feel loved. I certainly never felt unconditional love and that’s what I have with my fans: that connection. So I’m extremely excited.”