Lyft announced a new loyalty program weeks after releasing a subscription service for riders set to roll out in December.

The loyalty program allows users to earn points per every dollar spent on rides. Accumulated points earn riders upgrades to Lyft Lux, savings on future rides and access to more experienced drivers.

Lyft announced its All-Access Plan subscription service in October, allowing users to pay $299 every 30 days. The plan offers 30 rides that cost up to $15 each and 5 percent off any additional rides. 

Two weeks after announcing its All-Access Plan, Lyft’s biggest competitor, Uber unveiled its own subscription service. Uber’s Ride Pass helps riders avoid surge pricing and costs $14.99 per month. The service is only offered in Los Angeles, Austin, Orlando, Denver, and Miami.

Uber has also turned to Uber Cash to help users budget for rides. Users can load balances on to their accounts and future rides will charge from those balances with a discount depending on the amount.

Lyft and Uber’s recent moves to keep older users and bring in new ones highlight a trend in a growing market. Other ride-sharing apps like Via, Gett, and Curb are increasing competition in the industry and luring customers with cheaper flat rates. As Lyft and Uber continue to revamp their services and offerings, they will have to find a way to compete with pricing.