Ludacris isn’t afraid of failure. It’s actually what has been a huge factor in the success he’s achieved as an entertainer today.

Ludacris The Risk-Taker

As someone who has managed to gracefully transition from one career path to another, betting on himself has always been easy for the rapper/actor/entrepreneur.

“The ones that are the risk takers are the ones that become successful, and people who really don’t want to take the risks…they kind of stay stagnant,” he told AfroTech. “So the lesson that I’ve just continued to learn is to continue to push myself through fear of anything just knowing that you take calculated risks.”

A Father Of 5

As the father of five beautiful daughters, the 45-year-old entertainer always aims to lead by example, which is why he shies away from anything that makes him feel inauthentic.

“They see me, and I allow them to make their own choices,” Ludacris said. “I try to help to facilitate their dreams and what I feel like they want to do. They love to be at the concerts. Sometimes they love to see me and watch the movies or come to the movie set and see how it’s made and how it all comes together.”

He continued, “So this is one of those things where I kind of asked them what they want to do. They’re really into entertainment and dancing and trying to come up with their own songs, but at the same time I want them to be kids and have as much fun as possible.”

His Latest Collaboration With Rice Krispies Treats

That sentiment is part of the reason why he has joined forces with Rice Krispies Treats for the company’s new Treat. Eat. Compete. limited-edition game set, which transforms snacktime into playtime for the entire family.

The set, which launches today (May 8), includes a collection of games such as Wrapper Rhymes, Stick the Landing, and more, as well as custom score sheets, markers, and instruction cards to create a Ludacris-inspired bucket hat “winner crown,” and of course, Rice Krispies to snack on.

Courtesy of Rice Krispies Treats

What’s more, to encourage more play in the lives of children across the nation, Ludacris has partnered with the brand to donate more than $100,000 to support Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Proceeds from each game set will also go toward supporting the organization.

Outside of doing something that is fun and exciting for his daughters, Ludacris says this partnership is just another example of him aligning himself with companies that match his values.

“I know what I like. I know what I love. So it’s very easy to do that,” said the “Stand Up” emcee. “You know, you got to make it organic. I don’t want to feel like or even sound like I’m doing anything forced. So it all came together very organically.”

While partnerships come with a bag, he always ensures that Ludacris remains at the forefront of who he is.

“Ludacris, you know, embodies a lot of things,” he explained. “I’m a father. I’m a musician and I’m lucky enough to be in the movies. So, I just try to incorporate everything that’s already a part of my natural lifestyle and shows people and peels back the curtain on some of my family life, as well because that inspires me in everything that I do.”

With fun at the forefront, Ludacris aims to continue to learn from his children and make moves that speak to who he is as an individual.