Each day, Black women continue to make history.

According to a Twitter user, @PaigeAlissa, Lieutenant Junior Grade Madeline Swegle recently became the first Black female tactical jet pilot in the United States Navy.

“Just my best friend making history,” she tweeted, captioning two photos of Swegle.

Tire Meets Road reports that Reddit sleuth ZugZugWorkWorkDabu confirmed Swegle’s achievement, deciphering that her Navy O-2 rank is equivalent to First Lieutenant in the Army, Air Force, and Marines.

Also, they added:

“I can confirm she had her last flight today in Kingsville with VT-21 doing SEM (Section Engaged Manuevering.) She CQ’d (Carrier Qualified) a few months ago. So this is a legit person and photo.

She is wearing her soft wings in this photo, signifying that she completed her undergraduate pilot training – she will be officially winged on some other day.

After this, she will find out where she is going – whether it is to fly the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, EA-18G Growler, or F-35C Lightning II (unless she had selected E-2/C-2 before this out of Primary Flight Training, then she will go that route).”

To reach her current position in the Navy, she would have had to successfully complete rigorous training, including flight school courses, aviation indoctrination, and other certifications.

On Thursday, Naval Air Training confirmed that Swegle is in fact the first known Black female TACAIR pilot and would soon receive her Wings of Gold later this month.

Editorial Note: This piece has been updated with additional information since it was initially published.