The impact of Lil’ Kim’s debut in Hip-Hop forever reigns.

REVOLT reports that the rap legend’s capsule collection with Supreme sold out just minutes after it dropped on April 14.

“Wowwww! Everything sold out in 2 and a half minutes! God is Good! Thank U so much for your support,” Lil Kim shared via Instagram, according to REVOLT.

The collaboration between Brooklyn’s finest and the New York-bred clothing and skateboarding brand reportedly features a T-shirt, a short-sleeve button-down, and a skateboard. Covered on each item is Lil’ Kim’s iconic photo — taken by Michael Lavine — from the promotional poster for her debut album “Hard Core.”

The shirt is also inscribed with “To Supreme, Love Lil Kim” on the front while the back has “Hot Damn Ho Here We Go Again” from “Quiet Storm (Remix)” — which is well known as one of the best verses of her career.

Lil' Kim x Supreme

Before the capsule collection’s recent success, working to bring the collaboration to life was years in the making, according to Essence.

“I was just at home in the office because everyone’s office was in their home at that time. They reached out, and I was like, ‘Let’s make it happen,’ and we made it happen,” Lil’ Kim said.

After getting the green light from her former record company, Supreme was then able to make the vision into a reality for both her day one fans and new supporters.

“It’s inspired generations. So, it’s cool that they’re open to sharing it. It’s a real blessing to still have that kind of impact with the world, the fans, and everyone who’s been riding with Lil’ Kim, the brand.”

Lil' Kim's Superbad Inc. Partnership

For decades, Lil’ Kim has influenced the culture through her records and fashion. In 2021, she announced her entry into a new lane — the cannabis industry. As previously reported by AfroTech,  the launch of her brand Aphrodisiac with Superbad Inc. was — at the time — set to launch at the top of 2022.

I’m a hustler by nature, right? I’m from Brooklyn, so we hustle. I equate the game all the time to how I came up in the streets. It’s different, but it’s not, it’s the same. I’ve always been the type of person who will try it out. I test my product. I tested this and I was like ‘Oh yeah, this is that gas,’” Lil’ Kim shared in a Forbes interview.